HERITAGE Asia – Pacific (heritAP)

A Network of Heritage Practitioners supported by WHITRAP Shanghai

Dr. Jie HAN
Country: China



Xiamen University


Associate Professor

Professional/Research Area(s):

urban and rural conservation, social capital integrated conservation process, digital-museum

Short Resume:

HAN Jie is an associate professor in the Department of Architecture, Xiamen University. Her research interests include urban and rural conservation, social capital integrated conservation process, and digital museum of rural settlements.
She studied architecture in Tianjin University, and obtained PhD in Architecture from National University of Singapore. She conducted doctoral research on the path dependency framework of conservation decision-making process, and explored a social capital integrated conservation approach based on cases of Xi’an and Shanghai towards socially sustainable development.
She is Committee member of Vernacular Architecture-Architectural Society of China (VA-ASC). She is currently conducting research on conserving the social networks of local craftsmen of traditional settlements in Fujian province.
Through the participatory platform –Digital Museum of traditional settlements, certain local design wisdoms have been unveiled through space syntax analysis, visual construction, and simulation, etc. The platform documents vanishing tangible and intangible cultural heritage, presents cultural value and extends development opportunities to potential stakeholders.
Currently she collaborates with experts from National Research Council of Italy, and WHITRAP-Shanghai for ongoing cooperation on World Cultural Heritage Fujian Tulou (Hekeng Cluster) under MoU agreement of ‘Cultural Heritage Conservation and Enhancement of urban and rural settlements along the Maritime Silk Road’ among three bodies.