HERITAGE Asia – Pacific (heritAP)

A Network of Heritage Practitioners supported by WHITRAP Shanghai



A Network of Heritage Practitioners Supported by WHITRAP Shanghai


What is the heritAP Network?

“Connecting People, Promoting Heritage”

The World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for Asia and the Pacific Region (WHITRAP) is a Category 2 Institute established under the auspices of UNESCO. The Institute's mission is to strengthen the implementation of the World Heritage Convention in Asia and the Pacific Region, by building the capacity of all involved with World Heritage site inscription, protection, conservation and management, through training, research, the dissemination of information and network building. Networking is explicitly mentioned in the mandate of WHITRAP, in recognition of the important role it plays in enabling the institute to achieve its objectives, as well as the benefits it brings to the heritage sector more broadly.

With this objective in mind, WHITRAP Shanghai initiated HERITAGE Asia-Pacific (heritAP), a network that aims to foster the sharing of knowledge and experiences among individuals and institutions in the Asia-Pacific Region. The network will establish links between individuals, groups and institutions through: a newsletter; publications; digital platforms, including access to lectures and webinars; regular meetings arranged for and by network members; and facilitating professional travel opportunities around the region.

Networking is about creating meaningful connections among like-minded and genuinely interested people and institutions”.


What is heritAP aiming to achieve?

l Build a network in which heritage practitioners, groups and institutions in the Asia-Pacific Region can participate;

l Facilitate the  sharing of knowledge about the rich heritage of the Asia-Pacific Region and its conservation and management;

l Facilitate the movement of heritage practitioners within the Asia-Pacific Region;

l Act as a platform or voice in promoting matters related to heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region at national and regional levels;

l Celebrate and promote the heritage of the region through such events as the  'Asia-Pacific Heritage Day'; fostering collaboration between individuals, institutions and countries;

l Recognize and reward a range of contributions made by network members to the heritage sector.


Who is our sponsor?

WHITRAP is at the service of Member States and Associate Members of UNESCO. HERITAGE Asia- Pacific (heritAP) is a network of heritage practitioners created by WHITRAP Shanghai in accordance with Article III of the Constitution. With its positive track record over the last 10 years and a sound financial backing from the prestigious Tongji University and the Government of China, yet operating as an autonomous body focusing on the Asia Pacific Region, WHITRAP is in a position to provide the necessary platform for this. Its current focus on World Heritage, which is booming in the region, is another advantage. Its direct affiliation to UNESCO and the link to other heritage related international organizations like ICOMOS, IUCN and ICCROM will further strengthen its position for Networking. Its current network of individuals and institutions through various activities will also form the basis of the proposed Network. The network, is relevant to heritage sector in general and not just World Heritage. 


What will heritAP do?

Create a WHITRAP (heritAP) membership directory;

Circulate regular communications that promote knowledge-sharing, to include: newsletter; publications; digital platforms, including access to lectures as webinars;

Organize regular meetings for network members. A key feature will be an annual conference, held in a different country in the Asia-Pacific Region each year, presenting activities in the heritage field as well as academic research, and providing a dynamic forum for discussion and debate;

Offer access to a mentoring service and facilitate professional exchanges, collaboration, cooperation, and interdisciplinary work between network members; and, where possible, offer financial support and scholarships for members to participate in such activities;

Provide support for members to travel within the region and free or reduced-cost access to heritage sites, as well as access to local expertise and guidance;

Offer endorsement (providing heritAP logo) of events organized by members at national or regional (Asia-Pacific) level and provide opportunities for members to apply for financial support to deliver events;

Provide opportunities to participate in events such as an 'Asia-Pacific Heritage Day', celebrating heritage at national and regional levels;

Give awards for achievements in the heritage sector-institutional and legislative developments, conservation and management, research, education and capacity building-in recognition of contributions made by individuals and groups.


What are benefits of membership?

Participation in what has the potential to become the largest network of heritage and heritage-related practitioners throughout the Asia-Pacific region;

Opportunities to share information and good practice and to promote members' own expertise and experience; including uploading members' publications onto the heritAP website;

Opportunities to request technical expertise and guidance to support the design and delivery of conservation projects;

Support of a strong network when members are confronted with heritage issues at national level;

Recognition of members' achievements within institutional and legislative developments, conservation and management, research, education and capacity building. 

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