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Mr Michael MANALO
Country: Philippines

Architecture, Architectural conservation


National Committee for Monuments and Sites, NCCA (Philippines)



Professional/Research Area(s):

Architecture and Building technology in the Philippines (1580-1945)

Short Resume:

Michael Manalo is an architect specializing in the conservation of the built environment and a member of ICOMOS Philippines since 2008. He graduated with a degree in architecture from the University of Santo Tomás and earned his Masters in Architectural Conservation from the Escuela Nacional de Conservación, Restauración y Museografía in Mexico City. He was commissioner for culture of the UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines from 2010 up to 2016, during which he was part of the Philippine Delegation while it was a member of the World Heritage Committee. He has headed the National Committee for Monuments and Sites since January of 2020 and is a lecturer at the University of Santo Tomás’ Graduate Programme in Cultural Heritage Studies. His field of study is concentrated in colonial architecture and interiors in the Philippines (1580-1945), particularly in the City of Manila, Northern Luzon, and the Visayas, where he explores building aesthetics and technology, its transcultural aspects and linkages to history as well as daily life.

Architect Manalo has lead the formulation of several conservation management plans, including those for the San Sebastián Basilica (National Cultural Treasure), Manila Central Post Office Building (Important Cultural Property), and he was part of the team who authored the CMP for the Walled City of Intramuros.