HERITAGE Asia – Pacific (heritAP)

A Network of Heritage Practitioners supported by WHITRAP Shanghai

Country: Canada

Ecological Design , Adaptive Reuse, Historic Tourism Project Management


Architectural Institute of Japan, Indian Institute of Interior Designers


Design -Build Consultant for Adaptive Reuse and Heritage Tourism

Professional/Research Area(s):

Creating Phantasmagoric Architecture, Design Species from Cultural Heritage.

Short Resume:

Dr. Samar Chandra. BSc., PhD (SFIA).
Member of Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ),
Life/Founder Member of Indian Institute of Interior Designers-Chennai Chapter (IIID)
[Past Member of Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC, 2015-2021), and Observer Member of International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI-2021)]
381 Front Street West, Suite# 903, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3R8, Canada
Tel. (416) 593-1610/ Mobile. (647) 482-8293,
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• International experience in completing landscape and hotel (Interior)projects in former USSR-Samarkand and Bukhara within Uzbekistan and at Bari Kothi in Azimganj, Murshidabad in West Bengal, India, for heritage tourism. Presented a topic on ‘Remetic Architecture’ at World Design Summit—Montréal 2017 and ‘Heritage as an Asset’ at Murshidabad Heritage Festival-2017. Part of design team of Dashrath Patel (Founder Member of NID-Ahmadabad), for “Stree”- Women’s Festival of India-1988, Moscow, former USSR.
• Chaired Indian Institute of Interior Designers-founder member of Madras chapter, 2000¬2002. Called back to India in 2010 by L&T/ECC to solve interior designs issues at Mahatma Mandir, a Govt. of Gujarat project at Gandhi Nagar, by present P.M. of India Hon. Mr. Narendra Modi, then C.M of Gujarat.