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UNESCO World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Chinese Pilot Studies

Keywords: world heritage sustainable tourism

Commissioned by the World Heritage Center, WHITRAP Shanghai implemented the first cycle of “World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme” (WH+ST) - Chinese Pilot Studies (2015-2020). The study aims to distribute and promote the core objectives of UNESCO’s WH+ST programme through capacity building, case studies and comparative analysis at selected pilot sites to identify the main issues and solutions related to sustainable tourism in China. Two World Heritage sites were selected in the 1st cycle of WH+ST Study.

In 2021, WHITRAP Shanghai starts the 2nd cycle of WH+ST Study. Due to the limitation of travel, the 2nd cycle of WH+ST study (2021-2025) still targets to Chinese World Heritage sites.

From June 7 to 11, 2021, WHITRAP Shanghai held the 2nd training on UNESCO "World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism" (WH+ST). This training explained the background of WH+ST, new challenges confronted by World Heritage sites under the pressure of COVID-19; clarify World Heritage management requirements and work mechanism; summarize sustainable tourism methods which focus on OUV recognition, protection, display, dissemination and experience; and discuss the suitable protection and development strategies for world heritage sites based on the situation in China. The training course includes 4 modules: “Recognition of World Heritage’s Outstanding Universal Value ", "Planning and Management of World Heritage Site", "World Heritage OUV and its Tourism Products" and "Community Collaboration at World Heritage Site".

WHITRAP Shanghai selected three videos from the training to understand the WH+ST Chinese Pilot Study:
1. World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism: Transforming Tourism for a Resilient Future
Peter DEBRINE, Former Senior Project Officer, UNESCO World Heritage Center
2. UNESCO World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Chinese Pilot Studies
HAN Feng, Professor, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University
3. Synergies of Culture Conventions for Sustainable Development: UNESCO Project on Conservation and Management of World Heritage Sites in China
Himalchuli GURUNG, Programme Specialist for Culture, UNESCO Beijing Office


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UNESCO World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme - Chinese Pilot Studies

LI Hong, Programme Specialist, WHITRAP Shanghai