HERITAGE Asia – Pacific (heritAP)

A Network of Heritage Practitioners supported by WHITRAP Shanghai

Responding to the Changing Situation and Promoting the New Pattern of Digitalization for Heritage Protection and Exhibition

With the advent of COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, thousands of World Cultural Heritage Sites, museums and cultural institutions in China were suspended and closed. In order to keep providing public cultural service products to the public, the State Cultural Relics Bureau has guided various World Cultural Heritage Sites to carry out digital display and dissemination and to actively promote various online activities. Since May, with the increasingly stable situation, China’s cultural institutions have opened up and returned to work in an orderly manner according to their districts, grades and classifications.
It is important to develop the integration of China’s World Cultural Heritage and digital technology, the use of digital technology to promote cultural heritage in a holistic way, and to make the traditional heritage resources ‘live’: the digitization of the world cultural heritage Palace Museum is the model and development direction of Chinese cultural heritage digitization.