HERITAGE Asia – Pacific (heritAP)

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Towards a “Place Based Approach” for Managing Disaster Risks and Building Resilience of World Heritage Properties

World Heritage Properties are exposed to many natural and human induced hazards, such as earthquakes, floods, fires, typhoons, vandalism etc. The ongoing COVID 19 Pandemic has shown the direct and indirect impacts of bio-hazards on World Heritage properties. Moreover, the frequency and intensity of disasters is increasing due to climate change. Considering these pressing challenges, the presentation will highlight the existing efforts of ICCROM and IUCN to develop a knowledge framework for heritage management based on a place based approach that takes into consideration larger territory than just the property. Consequently the resource manual on “Managing disaster risks to World Heritage” is also being updated, to establish better integration with the site management plan taking into consideration multiple hazards including bio-hazards and those resulting from climate change. The presentation will highlight the key highlights of this ongoing work undertaken as part of ICCROM-IUCN World Heritage Leadership Programme. It will also elaborate upon the proposed capacity building initiatives of ICCROM and its partners to enhance the skills of site managers in managing disaster risks to World Heritage Properties.